• Statement on the Admission Results of the 2020 Chinese Government Scholarship

    It is learnt that certain organizations have recently been sending fake admission notices and documents of Chinese Government Scholarship to international students in the name of Chinese Government Scholarship institutions, requesting for deposits to retain their admission status. At present, some students have fallen into the trap and suffered economic losses.China Scho

  • 画画

    My First Experience of Painting

    Art has always been a dream since I was a little girl. It seems amazing but beyond reach until I met my art teacher Mr. Lin in CCNU. He inspired me to follow my heart. Finally, I found the hidden passion for painting. Now, my artworklotusis on campus exhibition. My dreams comes true.----Caolian (Vietnam), Central China Normal Universityto read details in Chinese

  • Chinese Language and Me

    Before my graduation, I knew little about china, but I changed my mind after my first job in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Columbia, where I found few staff could speak Chinese while other foreign languages were widely spoken. Witnessing a closer and closer friendship between China and Columbia in recent years, I feel obliged to study Chinese langu