Excellent International Student in China Scholarship of Chang’an University
Date:2018.01.16 Attention: From:

Chang’an  University has founded "Excellent International Student in China Scholarship of Chang’an University" to finance the outstanding international students in our university to finish their studies. The multi-level scholarships are offered in cash.

I. Applicant's qualification:

1. Applicants must be registered self-funded full-time undergraduate, master, PhD international students who are in Grade 2 or above.

2. Applicants must be well-behaved at school by complying with Chinese laws and regulations and school rules. They must be friendly to China and be in good manners and respect Chinese culture and customs.

3. Applicants must study hard and be excellent at the academic performance among the international students without flunks in any examinations of the academic year.

4. Applicants actively participate in various sports and social activities. They should care about others and love the collective.

5. Applicants must be honest without any records of violating any laws of China or regulations in school.



II. Categories and Criteria:





The First Rank

10,000 yuan/year/person

Sports stars, literary stars, leadership stars, learning stars, volunteer stars, etc.

The Second Rank

5,000 yuan/year/person

The Third Rank

2,000 yuan/year/person


III. Application Materials:

1.   Application form of the Excellent International Student in China Scholarship of Chang’an University.

2.  Academic Transcripts in Chang’an University.

3.  Copies of certificates of all kinds of awards and honors.

IV. Application Deadline:

Refer to the website of the International Education School of Chang’an University.