Guizhou Government Scholarship for Southeast Asia of Guizhou University
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Programs and Teaching Language

1. The degree study duration is 4 academic years for bachelor's programs, 3 academic years for master’s programs, and 4 academic years for doctoral programs. The study duration for Chinese language program is usually 1 year;

2. See Bachelor, Master and Doctor Programs Offered by Guizhou University

3. The teaching language is Chinese. Applicants without HSK Level 4 Chinese language proficiency shall need to include the 1-year elementary Chinese language study in the application form. All candidates must reach Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Level 4 before being permitted to degree study.


1. The applicant must be a citizen from a Southeast Asian country, in good health and with no bad records;

2. The applicant must be a high school diploma holder under the age of 30 when applying for bachelor’s programs; be a bachelor’s degree holder under the age of 35 when applying for master’s programs; be a master’s degree holder under the age of 40 when applying for doctoral programs.

Scholarship Coverage

       1. Guizhou Government Scholarship for Southeast Asia of Guizhou University is full scholarships or partial scholarships jointly managed by Guizhou Provincial Education Department and Guizhou University to recruit outstanding Southeast Asian students. The applicant may choose full scholarship or partial scholarship to apply.

       2. Full Scholarship Coverage: fee waiver for tuition, on-campus dormitory accommodation, and medical insurance; providing Monthly Living Allowance: RMB1,000 for undergraduates, RMB1200 for master’s students and RMB1,500 for doctoral students. Full scholarships are open to bachelor, master and doctor applicants. Scholarship duration covers both elementary Chinese study and degree program study.

       3. Partial Scholarship Coverage: fee waiver for tuition and on-campus dormitory accommodation. Partial scholarships are open to Chinese language study applicants, bachelor applicants and master applicants.

Application Procedure

       1. See Bachelor, Master and Doctor Programs Offered by Guizhou University (click to visit), and choose a suitable program/major for study;

       2. Prepare the following documents in Chinese or English completely and accurately, and submit them to Guizhou University before June 15, 2017:

l  Guizhou Scholarship Application Form  (click to download)

l  Resume (CV) Form  (click to download)

l  Foreigner Physical Examination Form  (click to download)

l  Valid passport photocopy

l  Highest educational diploma photocopy

l  Transcripts for highest educational diploma

l  Study or Research Proposal (600 words for bachelor applicants and 1000 words for master or doctor applicants)

l  Applicants for Art programs need to submit previous representative works

l  Previous Certificates of Awards or Achievements (if any)


       3. Send the application documents in packed clear scans to to complete your application. If not by email, you may send your application in hard copies by post to the below address of Guizhou University:

College of International Education,

Guizhou University (North Campus), Huaxi District, Guiyang City,

Guizhou Province, P.R. China

Post Code: 550025   Tel.: +86 (851) 83627738

Note: The application package must reach Guizhou University before the deadline June 15th. For any request or exchange of information you may contact Guizhou University admissions at email: or Tel.: +86(851)83627738.


       4. Scholarship applications will be jointly examined and evaluated by Guizhou University and Guizhou Provincial Education Department. The final scholarship results will be announced in July 2017. During the scholarship evaluation process Guizhou University may contact you for telephone interview or additional information. Guizhou University will send the enrollments papers including Admission Notice and JW202 Visa Application Form to final scholarship winners in August 2017.