SDU Ph.D.Program of Microbiology in English
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What is the program about?

The mission of the Ph.D. program in Microbiology in the School of Life Sciences is to train its students to become highly competent professionals in Microbiology research and its related industries.

How long does the program last?

For full-time Ph.D. students, the regular duration of the program is four years. Early graduation can be granted for students who have fulfilled the requirements of graduation and also have stayed in the program for at least three years.

Who is eligible to apply?

All students who have got their Master’s Degree are eligible to apply.

Program Structure

Core Courses

Seminars on Advanced Science

Proposal training

Progress in Microbiology

Reading and literature review

Optional Courses

Technical Writing in English

Topics in Plant Molecular Genetics

Evolution biology

Credit Requirements

The total credits should be no less than 14, including 12 credits on compulsory courses and 2 credits on Elective courses. A dissertation course includes extracurricular literature reading.

Thesis Requirements

The doctoral degree dissertation should be written following “The Uniform Requirement of Format for Graduate-level Theses in Shandong University”. The length of the doctoral degree dissertation should be between 30,000 and 100,000 words. The length of the abstract should be above 3,000 words. The dissertation should have reliable data, should be written professionally, should be written in smooth language, and should bear appropriate and reasonable analysis.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation requires the publication of either one paper ranked in or above zone 2 according to The Chinese Academy of Science SCI Journal Ranking Table or two papers categorized as SCI. In either case, the PhD student serves as the independent first author (i.e. excluding co-first authorship).


A list of scholarships for prospective and current students can be found at

Highlights of the Program

Highlights of the Programs in Microbiology and microbial technology studies at Shandong University are characterized by: (1) microbial resources and associated applied & basic researches; (2) genomic and metabolic engineering; and (3) environment and industry associated microbial technology.


Registration Fee: 400 RMB   Tuition: Tuition: 34,000RMB/year   Medical Insurance: 800RMB/year

Online Application

“Online Application System” is available for prospective international students, and please enter for getting more details, submitting application and tracking application status.

Contact Information

International Admission Office             School of Life Science

Department of International Affairs         Email:

Email:             Tel: +86-(0)531 88364522

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