SDU Master of International MBA in English
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What is the program about?

China has rapidly become one of the largest economies in the world. While more Chinese open up their horizon with global perspective in their business and daily life, people from outside of China are equally aware of importance of gaining insightful knowledge of China. This would be the first international student only MBA program in China. This exciting International MBA program is designed to provide in-depth analysis on China’s economy and finance with topical discussions with global perspective.

There are globally renowned scholar and experts among our teaching staff who excel both in their own subjects and understanding of real China.

On-site teaching and study visit are important part of curriculum which enable student to gain insightful knowledge of three main pillars of the Chinese economy: state-own companies, small-medium private companies, and foreign companies.

How long does the program last?

Shandong University International MBA offers an 24-month full-time program and will be fully taught in


Who is eligible to apply?

1. Applicants must be Non-Chinese citizens and possess a valid and private passport; bachelor's degree or above;

2. Applicants are either native English speaker have to pass Language Requirement: IELTS (6.0 or above), new TOEFL (80 points or above) or other comparable certification of English proficiency.

Program Structure

Compulsory Course

Introduction to Modern Economics

Chinese Economy in Comparative Perspective

Financial Accounting with Chinese Characteristics

China's Monetary Policy, Banking and Stock Market in Comparative Perspective

Human Resources with Chinese Characteristics

Marketing with Chinese Characteristics

Quantitative Methods for Business

History of China’s Economy

Introduction to China’s accounting system

Elective Courses

Review and Prospect of Chinese Economic Reforms

Comparison Analysis on Chinese and Western financial System and Institution

China’s Commercial Diplomacy

Past, Present and Future: China’s Economic Policy Foreign Trade and FDI Policy industrial Policy employment Policy Taxation Policy

Comparison of Chinese and Western Culture

Comparison of Chinese and Western Political System

Comparison of Chinese and Western Law System

Comparison of Chinese and Western Philosophy

Chinese History and Archaeologist

Chinese Classics and Leadership

China Traditional Cultural Experience

Confucius Cultural Experience

Corporate M – Learning

China’s Field Trip

Credit Requirements

Shandong University International iMBA designs a 34-credit curriculum. Students must complete full 34 credits to obtain the MBA degree. That includes:

22 credits for compulsory courses (i.e. 2 credits for warm-up module, 16 credits for core module, 4 credits for integration module)

8 credits for elective courses. (i.e. 8 credits for featured module and no less than 4 credits for practical part).

4 credits for thesis

Highlights of the Program

1stMBA program in China solely offered to international students

More than 100 years of history at Shandong University (Established in 1902)

Heartland of Chinese culture

World famous economic/economist leadership program

Invest in your career: Low cost, (with) big returns


Registration Fee: 400 RMB  

Tuition: 60,000RMB/year (90,000RMB TOTAL)  

Medical Insurance: 800RMB/year

Online Application

“Online Application System” is available for prospective international students, and please enter for getting more details, submitting application and tracking application status.

Contact Information

International Admission Office             School of Economics

Department of International Affairs

Email:             Tel: 0531-88361187

Tel: +86-(0)531 88364854       

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