HUST PHD Program of Electrical Engineering
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School: School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


The research orientation of this program mainly covers the overall process of generation, transmission, application, transformation, detection, control, scheduling and management of electrical energy. It aims to cultivate high-level electrical engineers.  The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is the most powerful institution in the area of electrical engineering in China, both in education and research. It mainly serves the research of large projects at home and aboard, such as State Grid Corporation of China, high speed rail and magnetic suspended railway, among which the National Pulsed High Magnetic Field Science Centre is the first national infrastructural project undertaken by the university under the Ministry of Education, P. R. China. The Centre has achieved the peak magnetic field of 90.6 Tesla, refreshing the highest record in China and making China the third country after America and Germany in reaching 90 Tesla.

Core curriculum:

Digital Signal Processing, Superconducting Power Technology, Modern Electrical Machine Design, Wide Area Measurement System and its Application in Power System, High Temperature Plasma Diagnostics, Accelerator Physical Basis, New Wind Turbine System and Modern Control Strategy, Principle and Application of Electrical Arc Contact, Gas Discharge Theory, Low Temperature Plasma Diagnostics, Applied Technology of Low Temperature Plasma, Harmonious Waves in Power Systems, Weak Signal Detection, Complex Power System Analysis (including Large-scale Wind Power Generation), Security Defense System of Large-scale Power Grid Based on the Wide-area Measurement, etc.

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