HUST MA/PHD Program of Geotechnical Engineering/Structural Engineering
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School: School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics


The School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics (SCEM) was established in 1982. With the unremitting efforts of several generations, SCEM has become a national well-known school in China, with strong atmosphere of teaching and scientific research. This program emphasizes on scientific research and social services, and most of the students graduating from SCEM are involved in large national projects of roads, bridges, high-speed rail, subway construction. From 2005, SCEM has been cultivating international students and offering English-medium courses of geotechnical engineering and structural engineering. At present, a large number of outstanding graduates have been employed by Chinese enterprises in their own countries, which provides the China-invested enterprises with sufficient international professional human resources to go abroad

Core curriculum:

Numerical Analysis in Civil Engineering, Advanced Soil Mechanics, Advanced Concrete Technology, Concept and Principle of Prestressed Concrete Bridge Design, Ground Improvement Techniques, Structural Dynamics, Analysis of Slope Stability, Seismic Analysis of Structures, Theory and Application of Composite Foundation, Numerical Analysis of Roads, Steel Structures, etc.

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