HUST MA/PHD Program of Administrative Management/E-government/ Land Resources Management.
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School: College of Public Administration


The College of Public Administration (CPA) of HUST is aimed at cultivating and creating outstanding future leaders, and is honored as “the cradle for leaders, the think tank for governments”. It is also one of the schools in HUST with the strongest international atmosphere. CPA offers high-level talent-training program of public administration for ASEAN countries every year, which enables it to be an important base for these countries to cultivate high-level government talents. In 2015, entrusted by Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration (SLIDA), CPA undertook the Senior Civil Servants Training Program for 24 senior Sri Lankan officials, which received high recognition from all circles in the field. The professional dominance of these programs is advanced, and it ranks 4th in China’s universities. Cooperating with Arizona State University, CPA has built the most advanced “electronic decision-making theater”, providing the modernized simulation and decision consultation service for important decision-makings of government and non-government organizations.

Core curriculum:

Public Administration, Public Policy Analysis, Public Economics, Reading of Classical Public Administration Works, E-Government, Strategic Management in Public Sector, Comparative Public Administration, Human Resource Management in Public Sector, Urban Management, Land System and Land Policy, Real Estate Management, etc.

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