Nanjing University MSc Architecture and Urbanism
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1. Introduction

Located in Nanjing, an ancient capital of China for six dynasties and a strategic point endowed with the fine spirits of the universe, Nanjing University is a world renowned university with a centennial legacy. As a key comprehensive university directly under the Ministry of Education, Nanjing University has evolved into a first-class higher education institution with a sound academic ambience, leading comprehensive strength among universities nationwide, and active international exchanges.

Founded in April, 2010, as a result of the merger of the School of Architecture and the Department of Urban and Regional Planning of the School of Geographic and Oceanographic Sciences, the School of Architecture and Urban Planning comprising the Department of Architecture and the Department of Urban Planning and Design gears itself toward the objective of bringing up high-level professionals specializing in architectural design, urban planning and design, and regional and landscape planning and design.The school has a doctoral program of architectural design and theory, three master’s programs of architectural history and theory, architectural design and theory, and urban planning and design, and a master of engineering program of architecture and civil engineering.

We have a strong teaching faculty and a well-balanced research team. Currently we have 45 full-time faculty members, with 38 of them possess doctoral degrees. Among them there are 16 Professors and 16 Associate Professors. Most of the teachers have both learning and work experience in leading higher education institutions home and abroad, and excellence in invention and project engineering. Their unremitting exploration and determined reform contribute to their rapid development in such areas as teaching, research, talent cultivation and international exchanges.

By taking full advantage of the multiple disciplines of the comprehensive university, the school attaches great importance to students’ excellence in basic professional theory, knowledge and skills, aiming to cultivate high-level professionals who can work in the administration and other sections in architectural design, urban planning, real estate and relevant sectors.

The School sets great store in international academic exchanges. To date, an extensive international academic exchange network and a long-term cooperative and exchange mechanism have been established. Exchange programs involve academic exchanges and cooperation, joint research projects, and exchanges of visits with various famous higher education institutions in Europe, Americas, and Oceania. We have established in 2007 the Sino-French Centre for Urban, Regional and Planning Studies in cooperation with the Universite Paris XII Val de Marne and in 2012 the University of Cambridge-Nanjing University Research Centre on Architecture and Urbanism in cooperation with the University of Cambridge.

2. Objective

This programme targets at high-level professional education in research-based architectural design. It will foster original understanding of Chinese architecture and urban development, familiarise the students with the architectural practice in China, and combine solid professional training with the nurturing of creative thought.

The students will accomplish the following objectives:

a. Grasp the cutting-edge theories, methodologies and technologies of architecture towards practice; establish the framework of knowledge for architectural design; and acquire the capacity of using the professional knowledge.

b. Possess the creative capacity to conduct independent architectural design; capable to use the learned theory to creatively solve practical issues; capable to conduct independent study on architecture and urbanism.

c. Grasp written and spoken Chinese language; understand Chinese culture; and capable to read Chinese architectural references.

3. Eligibility

The applicant should hold a Bachelor degree in architecture or a related discipline. The applicant need to participate in the admission examination. Shortlisted applicants need to attend an extra interview before being offered a place.

4. International Teaching

This International Master programme focuses on collaborative, multidisciplinary theoretical and practical studies on the contemporary architecture and urbanism of China, in order to formulate innovative understandings and develop creative methodologies. This programme will combine design experiments with emergent urban research and use teaching to drive academic research and international collaboration.  

This programme is based at the University of Cambridge – Nanjing University Research Centre on Architecture and Urbanism. There are regular teaching and student exchanges with world-class architectural departments at the University of Cambridge, Melbourne, TU Delft, ETH Zurich, etc. Besides, this programme will invite renowned international scholars and architects as guest tutors and visiting fellows to conduct intense design workshops. There will be four international workshops per year, working on distinctive explorations on a common annual research theme. Together with compulsory professional courses (e.g. conceptual design), they will compose a multi-dimensional investigation on design research.

This programme is Three-year full-time. The students will begin a one-year thesis project after they have earned 32 credits in the first year. They could opt between a Design-based thesis project or a research-based written thesis. During the thrid year, the student will be supervised by a permanent staff (the supervisor), who will oversee the student’s progress and meet her/him regularly.

The student can choose one of the following research directions for the thesis:

• Design methodology;

• Digital urbanism;

• Sustainable urbanism;

• Urban morphology;

• Housing urbanism;

• Modernisation of Chinese urban architecture;

5. Modules

There are four types of modules (taught in English):

Type A

Non-professional courses provided by the Nanjing University

Type B

Fundamental courses for architectural degree

B01 Study on Architectural Theory


B02 Urban Morphology and Design Methodology


B03 Technology of CAAD


Type C

Compulsory professional course

C01 Design Studio I


C02 Design Studio II


C03 Architectural Practice


C04 Urban sociology


Type D

Elective professional courses

D01 Preliminaries in Modern Architectural Design


D02 Methodology of Modern Architectural Design


D03 Materials and Construction


D04 Topics of Architectural History


D05 Studies in Chinese Wooden Tectonic Culture


D06 Energy Conservation & Sustainable Architecture


D07 Advanced Building System Integration


D08 Method of Architectural history


D09 Concepts and Application of GIS


D10 Development of Landscape Planning


D11 Theory and Methodology of Landscape Urbanism


D12 Theoretical Frontiers of Architecture


D20 Digital Architecture Design


D21 International Design workshop I


D22 International Design workshop II


D23 International Design workshop III


D24 International Design workshop IV


Total credits required: 32

Contact info:

Tel: +86 25 8359 3020

22 Hankou Road, Nanjing, China


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