Founded in 1898, Peking University (PKU) is the first national university in Chinese modern history. Peking University now consists of five faculties: Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, Medicine, and Information and Engineering. The University has 47 colleges and departments, and offers 105 undergraduate programs, 291 graduate programs, and 249 doctoral programs. While still laying stress on basic sciences, the university has paid special attention to the development of applied sciences. Peking University places great importance on academic exchange and cooperation with foreign universities, research institutes and multinational enterprises. She has signed agreements with more than 200 universities in 50 countries and regions.
HEI entitled to admit Chinese Government Scholarship students
Degree Programs:541
Number of Students:34691
International Students:9594
    Starred programs are entitled to admit Chinese Government Scholarship students
Program Degree Duration Instruction Language Tuition Fee(RMB) Starting Date Application Deadline
*Chinese LiteratureBachelor4yearsChinese26000Sep 3-11
*Chinese LanguageBachelor4yearsChinese26000Sep 3-11
*Chinese Classics and Classical BibliographyBachelor4yearsChinese26000Sep 3-11
*Applied Chinese LinguisticsBachelor4yearsChinese26000Sep 3-11
*HistoryBachelor4yearsChinese26000Sep 3-11
*PhilosophyBachelor4yearsChinese26000Sep 3-11
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