Special Jazz Concert from Knox College of Arts and Science is held in NPU
FromNorthwestern Polytechincal University Date:03-29-2016 Attention:5001       Print

The spring is coming with its fresh breeze and drizzle, which colors Qin Mountains with the endless vitality and also makes NPU beside the Mountains full of energy. In such a beautiful spring, a special jazzconcertfrom America Knox College of Arts and Science was held at Ao Xiang Student Center on Chang’an campus of NPU at 7 p.m. on the evening of March 21, by which the young people from two countries of different cultures began their spiritual talks in music.


The jazz band of Knox College is composed of its teachers and students, playing the classic works of jazz as well as the music adapted or composed by themselves, and conducting many concerts and small business performances. Lin Xiameng from Fu Jian Province, studying in America hosted this concert. She led the field audience, especially for those never touching jazz before, to accept jazz gradually and helped them interact with the band naturally.


Many pieces of classic and characteristic jazz music were played in more than two hours by 25 musicians, such asHay Burner andMoon Indigo from 30s to 50s in the last century,Respiration andBetter Git Hit in Your Soul in modern style,Just for a Thrill from Armstrong and so on. In addition, a classic Chinese music ofNew Endless Love rearranged by the band was played in jazz style, which added new charm to this old song. The concert was successfully ended withBetter Git Hit in Your Soul.


This concert is considered as a new cooperative form between NPU and Knox College. In future, NPU will continue to develop more communication to promote meaningful cultural exchange and construct the first-level internationalized campus culture.