International Students of Jinan University Volunteer in Jiangxi
FromOffice of International Exchange and Cooperation of Jinan University Date:12-17-2015 Attention:5334       Print

International students of Jinan University, accompanied by teachers from the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, set off for Jiangxi province on November 19th for a cultural tour and volunteer teaching experience. The cheerful journey to Jiangxi was filled with friendly conversation and sincere similes.

Over the first few days, the students began their exploration of Hakka culture in Jiangxi. They climbed Sanbaishan Mountains, taking in sights such as the magnificent Dongjiangyuan waterfall and enjoying the renowned Zhiyin Hot Spring. After visiting the landscape of bluish rocks and crystal-clear streams, the students went to Dongshengwei Hakka Enclosing House, located in a well-known historical and cultural village in Jiangxi. The international students were drawn in by the southern architecture and Hakka characteristics of the Hakka Enclosing House, and deeply moved by the tranquility and placidity of Hakka rural life. After saying goodbye to the Hakka Enclosing House, the students headed to Guanxi Village, trying their hands at making a traditional Hakka snack, rice cracker stuffed with leeks.

(Experience a different way of life under the same sky)

(Making traditional Hakka food-leek rice cracker)

After enjoying the delicious Hakka snacks, the students went to pick Gannan navel oranges and passion fruit in the nearby hills. The unique flavor of Hakka rice crackers and sweet taste of juicy fresh fruits helped students fully indulge in the tender embrace of Hakka culture.

The next destination of the cultural tour was No. 1 Middle School of Anyuan County where the international students acted as volunteer teachers to share their own experiences and cultural understanding with local students. The international students were divided into three groups to teach in different classes and bring local students a lively and dynamic learning experience. Jhomar Dariano from Philippines gave a comprehensive introduction of tourism industry in Philippines; Cameron Turnbull from Canada, also known as Xiao Ka (小卡) , taught local students how to sing English songs while playing the guitar; Gordon Claggett and Marina Norkina from America and Russia respectively taught the students about American idioms and slang terms. The local students were very interactive with the volunteer teachers. All of the international students were deeply impressed by the local students’ curiosity and desire to learn more about language and culture.

After class, the volunteers presented a generous donation of books to Anyuan No. 1 Middle School on behalf of Jinan University and all of the international students studying in Jinan University. The donation embodied the spirit of international friendship, hoping to help create a better learning environment for local students and encourage them to study hard to realize their dreams. The donation ceremony was followed by performances given by the international and local students in turn. The International students brought exotic dances and gentle Canadian ballads, receiving enthusiastic applause. The local students impressed their international counterparts with well-known Hakka intangible cultural heritage, tea-picking drama, and elegant Hanfu classic dance, demonstrating the rich cultural connotations and profound aesthetic of traditional Chinese culture.

(Canadian Xiao Ka teaching English songs)

(Local students actively answering questions)

(The class won waves of applause)

(Claggett Gordon from the U.S. taught American slangs)

(Italian student exchanged with local students)

(Group photo of JNU and local students)

(Group photo of JNU and local students)

(JNU students donated books to No.1 Middle School)

(Brunei students sang Malaysian songs)

(JNU students dancing together)

(Hakka culture-tea picking drama)

(Group photo of teachers and students of Jinan University, Bureau of Education of Anyuan and No. 1 Middle School of Anyuan)

The meaningful Jiangxi cultural tour not only conveyed care and help from the international students of Jinan University, but also deepened the international students' understanding of Hakka culture and set up an international bridge of friendship between international and Chinese students.