Jiangnan University welcomes new overseas students
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Some 180 overseas students registered at Jiangnan University recently

Some 180 overseas students registered at Jiangnan University recently. Forty-three percent of them are from 26 "Belt and Road" countries, local portal site wxrb.com reported.

These countries cover Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, West Asia, North Africa and Central and Eastern Europe.

"In response to the Belt and Road Initiative, Jiangnan University has paid more attention to the students from the Belt and Road countries," a director from the university told reporters.

The director added that the 180 new students – 33 undergraduates, 46 postgraduates and 21 doctoral students – major in food science, bioengineering, textile engineering, pharmacy, Internet of things, languages and design.

Reputed as the "Pearl of China's Light Industry Higher Education", Jiangnan University is one of China's national key "211 Project" universities, one of the "985" platform universities, and functions directly under China's Ministry of Education.

Its roots stretch back to 1902 when its predecessor, San Jiang Normal School, began its first term.

Jiangnan University was among the first higher institutions approved to enroll foreign students, and has long been active in international exchanges and cooperation.

Since 1977, over 2,900 international students from more than 86 countries have received training and education at Jiangnan University.