Overseas Postgrads Train at Beijing University
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China is training overseas postgraduates in satellite navigation applications, according to the China Satellite Navigation Office.

Forty-four postgraduate students from eight nations are studying satellite navigation at Beihang University in Beijing, the office said in a statement.

It did not give the students' nationalities, saying only that they are from Asia and Africa.

The university, which is commissioned by the office to carry out such training, has trained more than 200 foreign professionals in satellite navigation at three international summer camps, according to the statement.

The university is also cooperating with the United Nations Center for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia and the Pacific to share Chinese expertise in the industry with other developing nations.

The two institutes plan to hold three training sessions at the university this year. The first took place in April, attracting more than 30 space professionals from 11 countries.

Researchers from Chinese universities, institutes and enterprises, as well as from France and Croatia, lectured on satellite navigation development and application, according to the statement.

China has shared its knowledge of satellite navigation technologies, especially the Beidou system, with developing nations.

In July, 19 representatives from eight nations, including Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, attended a course in Hubei province organized by the National Remote Sensing Center.

The event was aimed at promoting Beidou in Asian nations and encouraging international cooperation over satellite technology, the center said.