Studying medicine while promoting Chinese culture Date:11-23-2015 Attention:4833       Print

Jilin University's College of Basic Medical Sciences, in the city of Changchun provides international students with an English language learning environment, where they can learn medical skills while learning about Chinese culture.

Yemeni student going over his studies in his dorm

In describing his feelings about study in Changchun, one 20-year-old Indian student says he has also learned Chinese culture and is addicted to online shopping since the experience has "greatly influenced his shopping habits". He goes on to say, "One day we will return our home countries as doctors and will spread Chinese culture."

Indian student playing a computer game during his lunch break

Another student, a 21-year-old Yemeni, gave his opinion by saying he has fun with Chinese culture and wants to be a surgeon, and that studying here will make his dream come true.

International students learning Tai Chi, which is compulsory for first-year-students