Xiangtan University Excellent International Students Scholarship
Date:2018.01.11 Attention: From:

Xiangtan University excellent international students scholarship aims to reward undergraduates, masters and doctoral candidates who are diligent, hardworking and excellent .

The reward quota is 15% of the total number of international students per academic year. The amount of reward is 3000 yuan for undergraduates, 4000 yuan for graduate students and 5000 yuan for doctoral students.

Application conditions :

l  International students who have been enrolled and studied in Xiangtan University.

l  Abide by laws, regulations and the rules of Xiangtan University;

l  Attitude is correct, hard work, no untimely absence of class, late, early withdrawal phenomenon, class attendance rate is not less than 95%;

l  Excellent academic achievement;

l  Actively participate in all kinds of students activities and perform well.

If you violate the  laws and regulations, you will not attend the scholarship selection.

Application time:

every year from September 15th to September 25th, once every school year;

Application materials:

l  "Xiangtan University excellent international students scholarship application form"

l  last school year final report card.

The scholarship is applied by the students themselves. They are accepted by the colleges and signed the application opinions. The application form is handed over to  the international students section office of the international exchange college, and the committee  will evaluate the scholarship.