Wuyi University Fujian Province Government Scholarship
Date:2018.01.11 Attention: From:

The Fujian Government Scholarship sponsors students who are studying at or applying to study at higher education institutions in Fujian Province.

Categories of applicants

International students who apply to study or are studying at higher education institutions in Fujian Province pursuing a bachelor degree, a master degree, a doctoral degree, or as a long-term general scholar.


Application Procedure

Applicants shall apply to the Higher Education Institutions in Fujian Province that are eligible to enroll scholarship students.



Applicants shall apply directly to the higher education institutions in Fujian once an academic year. Applications are accepted from May. For the specific application deadlines, applicants should consult the relevant higher education institutions.


Application Documents

1. The recommendation report by the higher education institutions;


3. Notarized highest diploma and transcripts;

4. Foreigner Physical Examination Record .The applicant who’s studying at higher education institutions more than 6 months(including 6 months) are issued by ‘Foreigner Physical Examination Record’;

5. A study or research plan. Applicants for bachelor degree or research are required to submit a study (at least 400 words) or research (at least 800 words) plan in Chinese or in English;

6. Works. Applicants for the music and art need to submit the works required by university;

7. Applicants under the age of 18 are required to submit the legal documents of legal guardians in China. Application documents will NOT be returned.